Sunday May 19, 6 pm Craftsbury Town Hall

Next REGULAR Meeting: Sunday July 14 at 6 PM. But please read this Announcements thread and weigh in on some exciting new plans!
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Sunday May 19, 6 pm Craftsbury Town Hall

Post by hlf » Mon May 13, 2019 6:16 am

  1. Meet Next: Sunday May 19 at 6 pm. Location: Craftsbury Town Hall.
    (The 2-week interval works well for people, but that would put our next meeting on Memorial Day weekend. So we decided to meet on the 19th instead, then reconvene AFTER the Memorial Day holiday weekend on Sunday June 2.
  2. To Do: What are your picks for "Ten Essential Take-Aways" from our last "assigned reading" -- i.e., Volume I, up through Section II Russian "Active Measures" Social Media Campaign. Try drafting them as bullet points for communicating with someone who has not yet read any of the report. Remember: our focus is "What does the report say?"
  3. Read Next: Section III: Russian Hacking and Dumping Operations. In the Justice Department's original PDF, this means pages 36 through 65.

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